Teaching Assistant (Areas: Operations/Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics/Econometrics)

Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech

School of Economics, Georgia Tech

Teaching Approach

In the past, I have relied on using the following teaching methods to support student learning*: 

Supporting Comments: 

“I think that I am learning a lot of topics in this class that I am able to apply to real-world understandings of the companies I see on the news or buy from and that's been really cool to experience..”, “Great real world examples..”, “Really appreciated how knowledgeable about the topic the professor was and the effort he exhibited to tie in real examples to make topics relatable to students”, “I really enjoyed the videos in the lectures- i think they help me learn, especially when they relate things were learning to other companies.” [MGT 3501C Spring 2021 Survey Text Responses]

Supporting Comments:

“The homework assignments helped us take what we were learning and apply it to the real world they always made me think and stretch my mind”, “Assignments gave us a lot of creative freedom at points to give recommendations and were good exercises.”, “I thought the assignments were the most interesting part.”, “The assignments did a great job of checking if we knew the material.”, , “I liked the assignments! Helped me understand the content” [MGT 3501C Spring 2021 Survey Text Responses]

Supporting Comments:

“I thought the professor explained everything he taught very well.”, ”...explains material very well”, “Whenever a concept was a little confusing I felt that the professor always explained it and broke it down in a way that was more understandable (especially the more difficult math concepts)”, "He covered everything very well and nothing was ever too confusing.” [MGT 3501C Spring 2021 Survey Text Responses]

Supporting Comments:

“Very compassionate for the students”, “..he was super nice..” , “Clearly cared about teaching and his students.”, “Effort was expected and I was not overwhelmed”, “the amount of work was perfect, not too much and not too little either.”, “I am learning a lot but it isn't necessarily stressful like some of my other classes, which is great.”, “Well structured course.”, “Very organized.”, “I think he just cares a lot about his students, and he wants us to succeed as best we can.” [MGT 3501C Spring 2021 Survey Text Responses]

Supporting Comments:

“Response time is great”, “How responsive the professor was, and how easy it was to follow along in the class”, “easy to communicate with”, “Very approachable”, “Accessible was very easy to connect and go over assignments”, “Helpful and available”, “I appreciate that you make time to meet with students outside of class and discuss the exam and any other questions or concerns we have”, “Very clear communication through email”, “Communicated well with the students.” [MGT 3501C Spring 2021 Survey Text Responses]

*Note that these are based on my experience from one semester of teaching. I hope to continue to learn more about the effectiveness of various teaching methods!